With everything going on in the world (global pandemic, racial injustices, climate change), we bet you’re thinking about how to live more sustainably. We are, too.

We believe that we need a lot of people to make some meaningful changes that collectively can have a profound impact on the planet, our communities, and even us. You don’t have to be zero waste, vegan, or a DIY queen to live in a way that is significantly better for our environment and your health. We’re not here to advocate for any one version of sustainability, unless that’s something you want to pursue. We’re here to encourage you to begin and deepen the exploration process of what living more sustainably can mean for you, given all the details of your individual life.

What can you do to live more sustainably? Check out our list below with ten of the most important things you can start doing today.

Consumer less animal products: eat less mea and wear less leather
Reduce food waste and compost
Use less water
Use low-carbon modes of transportation
Get renewables and conserve energy
Shop responsibly
Reduce, reuse, repair, recycle
Divest from fossil fuels & invest in the future you want
Educate yourself: read, watch, listen, and learn

If you're looking for some easy, inexpensive things to get started on your sustainability journey, we recommend:

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