Shipping Policy

Shipping Provider:

We use USPS First-Class Mail® for small items and Priority Mail® for larger items. We use USPS both because it is the economical choice and because we believe it’s important to support our national institutions. We want to support a postal service for all, and that is what the United States Postal Service offers our country. On rare occasions, we may use other shipping providers such as UPS.

Domestic & International Shipping:

Currently, we ship to the 50 United States, District of Columbia, and Canada. Contact us for any international shipping (through USPS, UPS, and DHL). Please be mindful  that you may be responsible for additional duties and/or brokerage charges for international shipping. Contact us at if you have any concerns.

Shipping & Delivery Time:

Orders ship from our fulfillment center within 1-3 business days of your order. Delivery is typically 2-7 business days. If, for any reason, we anticipate a longer ship time, we will notify you when you place your order.

Ugly Packaging: 

When possible, we ship your items in previously-used cardboard boxes and, when necessary, filler material, that we have gathered from around the neighborhood. While most boxes tend to be disposed of after just one shipping journey, our boxes will have been used twice—at least. We encourage you to  reuse the box when you receive it. You can mail a friend a book, or fill it up with soil and make a little planter garden, or... be creative!

Whether the box looks ugly or pretty when it arrives, just remember: don’t judge a box by its cover!

For small orders, we may use "new" recycled poly mailers or recycled paper mailers. 

  • Poly mailers are made of recycled #4 plastic. We encourage you to reuse these mailers to maximize their lifespans. 
  • Paper mailers are made of 100% recycled paper
  • Why we don’t use compostable mailers at this time: The current formula for compostable mailers is actually majority plastic, albeit a biodegradable plastic. The other ingredient is a derivative of virgin corn. Even if the corn is non-GMO, we are cognizant that so much environmental degradation comes from the production of corn for non-human consumption. We’d rather use a recycled mailer product than one that contributes to the industrial agricultural system. That being said, we are actively on the lookout for new formulas. Reach out if you hear of anything good!

Carbon Neutral Shipping:

While carbon offsets are not an adequate solution to solving the climate crisis, we believe it has a role to play both in sequestering carbon and educating consumers about the environmental impact of their purchases.

We use Offset, a Shopify offering, to calculate the carbon footprint of shipping your purchases from our warehouse to your front door. Offset then takes that dollar value of carbon emitted and redeploys it to projects that sequester carbon at the same or greater metric tonnage.

Currently, Offset is funding a major rainforest preservation venture organized by Pachama, a startup company that uses imaging technology to measure forest growth. The Jari Pará Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon rainforest spans almost 500,000 hectares of Brazil, protecting more than 2,400 species of flora and fauna within it. The project offers farmers alternatives to slash-and-burn agriculture. It is a Verra-certified Climate, Community, & Biodiversity project.

Offset funds the costs of protecting the existing forest, increasing the biomass through improved forest management practices, and verifying the project’s progress. Pachama uses satellite imagery, remote monitoring, and machine learning to measure progress in the project. For each dollar given to Pachama, 80 cents goes directly to the project, while 20 cents commission is used for further platform investment and business profit.

This is done at no cost to you; we bear the cost.

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