Where is my order? 

All orders can be tracked via the shipping number we send you when we ship your order. We appreciate your patience! Please know we are fulfilling your order as quickly as possible. There may be additional delays due to COVID-19. 


Why do you use previously-used/recycled packaging instead of new boxes to send orders in?

As a company that focuses on sustainability, we integrate sustainable business practices into our own operations. We ship with previously used boxes when available because it’s better to use already existing materials than to use new ones—extending the life cycle of an existing box is better than buying a new one, even if it's recycled. We highly encourage you to save your box and also reuse it for your future shipping needs. 

If for any reason you would prefer to receive your order in a new box, please just let us know in the order notes and we will accommodate your request. 


I've seen other companies use compostable mailers. Why doesn't The Sustainable Lab use them, too?

The current formula for compostable mailers is actually majority plastic, a biodegradable plastic. The other ingredient is a derivative of virgin corn. Even if the corn is non-GMO, we are cognizant that so much environmental degradation comes from the production of corn for non human consumption. We’d much rather use a recycled mailer than one that contributes to the industrial agricultural system. That being said, we are actively on the lookout for new formulas. Reach out if you hear of anything good!


What is your return policy?

Please refer to our return policy here.


How can I contact you (for general questions, to give feedback, or for partnerships)?

For any questions, please reach out to hello@sustainabilitylab.co.


Are you qualified to evaluate the sustainability of products?

Our founders, Elle and Josh, are both Yale University grads with extensive knowledge and experience in economics, urban studies, built environment, e-commerce and are equally passionate about sustainability and tearing down structural inequality. Additionally, Elle is a graduate student at Columbia University's School of International & Public Affairs studying environmental and climate change policy and management and previously worked at the NYC Mayor’s Office of Climate Policy & Programs. 


What is the Sustainability Concierge?

Please fill out the concierge form here, or email us your request directly at concierge@sustainabilitylab.co



For Brands:

How can I sell my brand in your shop?

We are delighted you want to sell your products with us. Please reach out to brands@sustainabilitylab.co so we can learn more about you.


Do you offer influencer/affiliate opportunities?

Yes, we do, and are excited to collaborate with influencers and other brands that share our values and commitment to the planet and people. If you are interested in affiliate opportunities, please reach out to affiliate@sustainabilitylab.co.  

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