Reusable Water Bottle




Say no to plastic bottles! We love Stojo's silicone water bottles because they are sturdy yet portable, they collapse down when empty, they don't clink against other things in your bag like metal bottles do, and they're dishwasher safe!

Here are some reasons to swap today:

  • plastic waste: you've probably heard the stats: 1 million water bottles sold every second worldwide, with a recycling rate in the US of just 23%. All these bottles requires drilling for oil and then shipping the bottles around the world, which means even more oil.
  • microplastics: plastic bottles shed microplastics. They seep into the water you drink, which goes into your body, and if not properly disposed of, they enter our environment as well and accumulate in our food supply
  • potentially toxic ingredients in plastic: studies that looked at plastics in consumer products, even those BPA free, found a thousand materials in most plastics, 80% of which are unknown, meaning their toxicity is unclassified
  • you're already paying for tap water: the majority of us live in places where we can safely drink the tap water. Tap water systems involve reservoirs and pipes—the most sustainable thing to do is to use a waste-free system that we've already invested in.
  • plus, 25% of bottled water sold is just...tap water, some of it not even further purified. There is very little regulation in the bottled water space. Tap water is not perfect, but it is regulated!

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