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The average woman in America uses over 10,000 tampons over her lifetime, which will generate more than 62,0000 pounds of garbage. Menstrual cups (ours is made from 100% medical grade silicone) are a safe, reusable, and sustainable alternative.

Choose between a small cup (28 ml) or a large cup (36 ml). If you've never used a menstrual cup before, we recommend that you start off with the small cup first. Cups can be worn for 12 hours and pose no risk of TSS. 

Single-use products are expensive and cost about $120+ a year, whereas one menstrual cup (ours is $30) will last you an entire year or longer. Plus, once you can no longer use it, you can safely dispose of it by burning the cup and composting the ashes. We know, we can't get over how much of a better alternative the cup is!

You can clean the cup with mild soap (unscented or pH balanced soap recommended) and warm water during your period. Between cycles, you can sanitize your cup by placing it in boiling water for 3-5 minutes. 

We took a long time to find the best cup on the market and after trying out several, found the June cup to be the easiest to insert, remove, and maintain. Here's why June Cup got started, in their words: "To inspire you to get to know your body and what exactly you put in it. After years of using traditional menstrual care products, like pads and tampons, our vaginas were unhappy. Chemicals, dyes, and cotton fibers were drying us out, leaving us feeling raw and irritated. We knew there had to be something better. Menstrual cups seemed like the obvious choice, but we weren't satisfied with the ones on the market. They were either too short, too long, too narrow, uncomfortable, and hard to remove. We wanted to get it just right."

*Disclaimer: Please consult your healthcare provider to see if a menstrual cup is right for you. 

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