Laundry Detergent

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There are so many things that are not so great about standard laundry detergent. It's messy, it smells really strong, it's usually electric blue and you have no idea what they've put in there—and all of that is going down the drain...

Kind Laundry detergent sheets are simple, clean, mess-free, there's no bulky packaging, and it's really effective.

Top reasons to make the swap:

  • plastic free: no plastic bottle to throw out—you can recycle the cardboard packaging so aside from a small ribbon pull, it's waste free!
  • no mess: no dripping, gooey globs of detergent that get all over everything. Also weighs very little, so no more lugging around a heavy bottle.
  • just 4 naturally-derived ingredients: free of starch, chemicals, dyes, parabens, phosphates—all ingredients that are found in standard detergents.

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