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These sustainable sponges clean just as effectively as conventional sponges, but without any of the drawbacks of having a plastic product getting all over your kitchen. Plus, instead of having to toss into landfill, you can compost these!

Here are some great reasons why to switch to a sponge made of 100% plant-based material:

  • chemical free: conventional sponges may contain bleach and a slew of chemicals including sulfates. If you're using an "antibacterial" sponge, it may even contain triclosan. Haven't heard of triclosan? It's an antibacterial agent that the FDA is slowly but surely banning across most consumer products. Every time you scrub down your dishes with it, you're sending triclosan down your drain into our wastewater system, which may not be able to filter it out before it reaches our rivers and streams.
  • no plastic: virtually all sponges have a scrub layer of plastic, usually nylon or polyester. These plastics shed microplastics, micro particles that are accumulating in our environment in alarming numbers, on your dishes and down the drain.
  • clean production: the biggest ingredient in most sponges is cellulose, which comes from wood fiber. Unless the wood has been sustainably sourced, you're likely getting a sponge made from farmed trees, which has a host of environmental concerns. Moreover, most sponges are dumped into bleach before hitting the shelves, which then gets sent down the drain into the environment

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