Conventional Perfume ➡️ Bar Perfume

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Traditional perfumes usually contain "parfum" or "fragrance" on their ingredient lists, representing a combination of some 3,000+ chemicals. These can contain all kinds of unlisted ingredients that can trigger migraines, asthma symptoms, or allergies. These conventional perfumes which commonly contain phthalates, harmful toxins likely to be found in anything with a synthetic fragrance. Phthalates are known to disrupt testosterone production and cause babies of contaminated mothers to be born with malfunctioning and malformed male genitalia.

Replace your chemical-laden signature scent with a safe, natural alternative like this bar perfume from Juniper Ridge in Redwood Mist scent. Made with just 3 ingredients, this unisex perfume smells like a fog drenched, resinous fragrance of coastal forests. The solid perfume comes in a portable, 0.5 oz case, so it travels easily so you can refresh your pulse points as often as you like. Plus, this product is plastic-free and comes in a reusable tin vessel.

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