Why we started a Climate Voter Pledge as a core part of our mission

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In partnership with the Environmental Voter Project (EVP)

The oil in gas industry (hello, plastic!) has spent billions in lobbying the US government over the past twenty years, according to opensecrets.org. We are a business that sells sustainable, eco-friendly products and we stand in direct opposition to these corporations. We need to look out for our own interests, and we’re proud to do so because we believe those interests match with everyday people, our communities, and the planet. But we can’t just lobby our way out of the climate crisis or environmental pollution. We need to rally voters who care about these issues. In the 2016 election, 10.1 million environmentalists did not vote and the election was decided by 77,000 votes in three states.

Our Climate Voter Pledge is a pledge of solidarity to vote for candidates who recognize the threat of climate change. What’s in it for you? After signing up, our partner organization, Environmental Voter Project, sends you reminders before upcoming elections in your district because, let’s face it, we all need a little bit of handholding sometimes. You can also sign up to get updates from EVP about all their other efforts to get environmental voters to vote.

And how is this done? EVP uses large datasets and machine learning to target voters who care about the climate but do not vote. Through outreach and through regular reminders about polling times, where to vote, etc., EVP works to increase the voter turnout. If everyone who cared about the environment actually voted, we’d be winning far more elections than we do now and turning seats right and left.

So as our next election comes up in just a few weeks, we want to take this opportunity to ask you all to vote, to consider the environment and climate change when you vote, and to ask those around you to vote as well. And sign our Climate Voter Pledge!

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