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Kind Laundry Detergent Sustainable

Kind Laundry detergent strips are so simple yet so effective. No unnecessary and often toxic ingredients and dyes and emulsifiers. It’s just coconut oil alcohol, natural vegetable oil, coconut oil extract, and deionized water. We carry the fragrance-free formula.

And that’s all you need to clean clothes. 

Kind Laundry Detergent Sheets will transform how you wash your clothing—no bulky plastic bottle, no sticky mess, and no toxins leached into your clothing that you’ll be wearing all day. The unique shape of the detergent—it’s a thin sheet, not liquid!—makes it extremely portable, and it completely dissolves when you throw it in, so there’s nothing left.

Exclusive interview with founder Angie below:



Tell us what made you want to create this product — did something in your life serve as inspiration, or an experience you had? A book you read? 

Mundane home chores are so often the trigger for silly arguments. One of our most constant irritations? Who forgot to clean up after doing the laundry. From messy measuring cups to gooey liquid detergent spills all over the cupboards. Isn’t the whole idea of doing the laundry is to make things cleaner? However, the one thing we can both always agree on is how guilty we feel each time we throw away those empty plastic jugs. 


What gaps in the market did you see, and how does your brand/design fulfill that need? Why do you think that gap exists? 

The Laundry category is boring and dominated by large CPG brands that have not innovated in years because what they are currently selling "works". The world is constantly changing and so are consumer needs, so our brand name "Kind Laundry" and our product help solve our plastic crisis and show that companies can make laundry products that are kind to the planet, to people, and to your clothes.

How do you want customers to feel when using your product? Or what do you want them to think? 

We want them to enjoy doing laundry again and shopping for laundry. 

Everyone does laundry, and that will be part of their life (unless you want dirty clothes!). When they use our laundry detergent sheets, we want them to actually look forward to it because it’s now easy to use, convenient, mess-free, lightweight, compact, and cleans better than your traditional laundry detergent...and of course, 1 box equals one less plastic jug polluting the planet, so they can feel they made immediate direct impact.

Tell us a story about your product development: What is something that happened along the way in your design/production process that we might not expect? What was the biggest roadblock you had to get through? 

Trying to make a truly clean scented version using ONLY essential oil. We want our customers to enjoy a long lasting scent after the laundry is done, but unfortunately it was very hard to accomplish that with only natural essential oil. We add just a bit of synthetic fragrance so the scent will last. We surveyed our customers and all of them said it was ok, because the ones that prefer scent are not sensitive to fragrance.

What is one misconception sustainable shoppers might have about your design/product, or the market space it’s in, that you want to address? 

You need to add more product into your laundry for it to be "cleaner". 

Traditional detergents have more than 25 harmful ingredients and most of them are non-cleansing agents. The ingredients are mostly surfactants or fillers to give the illusion that the liquid detergent is "cleaner" but in fact it's to make the product appear and smell like it’s going to clean your clothes better—such as dyes to make the liquid blue/green, fragrance, the texture thicker, etc.

How has developing your product changed your views on sustainability? 

People are more receptive than I expected!


What do you think we need to do as a society to achieve sustainability? What structural change would help you sell more of your products?

Have the Government and schools educate children at an earlier age about sustainability and the impact single-use plastics have on the planet. There are a lot of great resources out there, but we need to search for them. Raising this awareness and starting this discussion at an earlier age would make a huge difference.

What are you excited about next in sustainable design? What new materials, new processes are you looking to work with in the coming months/years? 

More formulations and complementary products to target specific areas like stains, odor, dark colors, whites etc and completely make the entire laundry experience zero-waste!

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