NEW TO TSL: Cellulose Acetate Earrings & Hair Clips by Nat + Noor!

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Nat+Noor Sustainable Hair Clips and Earrings

Nat + Noor’s unique look comes from its sustainability. The hair clips and earrings are made of cellulose acetate, which is wood pulp transformed into a durable, glossy material. With a metal backing, it’s proudly plastic-free, long-lasting, and makes a beautiful statement either in your hair as a clip or on your ears!

Nat + Noor is also committed to sustainability throughout the process, from committing to fair and ethical labor, minimizing waste in the manufacturing process, and simple packaging.

Exclusive interview with founder Natalia below:

Tell us what made you want to create this product — did something in your life serve as inspiration, or an experience you had? A book you read?

Right before I started NAT + NOOR I took a trip and stayed in Byron Bay Australia for a few months and absolutely LOVED it. I think that was a huge source of creative inspiration.

What gaps in the market did you see, and how does your brand/design fulfill that need? Why do you think that gap exists?

Simple, minimalistic, fun yet practical hair and ear accessories for the everyday!

How do you want customers to feel when using your product? Or what do you want them to think?

I want them to feel great! I want women to feel ready to conquer whatever they need to get done, while feeling beautiful and aesthetically themselves.

Tell us a story about your product development: What is something that happened along the way in your design/production process that we might not expect? What was the biggest roadblock you had to get through?

Bringing what is in your head to life is always a work in progress. I have so many ideas but the process of getting them to the point I imagine is always tricky.

What is one misconception sustainable shoppers might have about your design/product, or the market space it’s in, that you want to address?

A lot of people ask whether the product is sustainable instead of the process. In my opinion, it has everything to do with the entire process and the product is just part of that process.

How has developing your product changed your views on sustainability?

It’s harder to do business sustainably than conventionally and it shouldn’t be, but again, I think we have to give ourselves grace. We are all working with imperfect systems. I strive to be transparent about the efforts we are making instead of focusing on being "perfect". All any business can do is do their best and keep trying.

What do you think we need to do as a society to achieve sustainability? What structural change would help you sell more of your products?

It all starts with individual small efforts everyday. I also believe that we have to change our mindset about what the cost or value of something is when it is made ethically and sustainably.

What are you excited about next in sustainable design?

I am really excited about our Fine Line of high quality gold and silver jewelry. This is a fun area for me since I used to teach silversmithing. I believe you can wear these pieces for a lifetime.

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