2020 Holiday Gift Guide

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holiday gift guide 2020

With the 2020 holiday season upon us, it's a time when many of us are buying presents for loved ones. To make things easy for you, we've put together a list of our best-sellers that will make it simple to purchase a gift for anyone you have in mind.

While gift giving is a wonderful way to show our love and appreciation for all of the special people in our lives, the holidays can be a time that places additional burden on our planet and wallets. That's why when shopping with us, rest assured you're choosing gifts that have been thoroughly vetted for environmental impact, and will ship in nicely recycled packaging with carbon-neutral shipping. Cheers and happy holidays to all!


Our top gift pick of 2020 - the perfect gift for anyone:

Glow + Grow Candle Plus Seed Starter Kit. A 12-oz soy-blend candle that turns into a daisy seed grow kit once the candle is finished. This perfect 2-in-1 gift is a fan favorite and will brighten anyone's day. 


For the one who doesn't drink coffee but LOVES tea:

Everest Tea Tumbler. This 22-oz stainless steel tea tumbler with double-walled insulation comes with a steel strainer to brew loose tea leaves of al sizes. Keeps hot drinks warm for up to 10 hours and cold beverages cold for up to 20 hours. 


For the one who loves matcha:

Matcha Set with 4 Tools. This adorable and authentic matcha set comes with four tools for a daily matcha tradition. Each set comes with one ceremonial matcha bowl, one bamboo whisk, one ceramic matcha whisk holder, and a wooden stirring spoon.


For the music lover:

Wooden Sound System. Music lovers deserve to have music blasted with quality. This birch wooden sound system is the winner of the German Design Award of 2018. The unique acoustical properties of birchwood deliver a warmer tone, smoother highs, and more prominent bass—with zero wires, just wood. 


For the book lover:

This reusable tote bag replaces single-use plastic bags. Screen printed by hand on 100% cotton with water-based natural inks, this tote is perfect for book lovers to bring anywhere they go.  



For the one who is obsessed with skin care: 

Jade Massage Comb + Gua Sha. A gemstone massaging tool with a versatile 4-in-1 design for the most luxurious head, scalp, face, and body massage. Made from 100% pure Grade-A jade, this tool will have your skin glowing in no time. 


For the one who loves to work out:

Tides Sore Muscle Balm. The one who is always at the gym needs a balm to soothe aches, pains, and sore muscles. This balm is made from an intensive blend of botanically and spice-infused olive oil, mango butter, vitamin e, beeswax, and soothing scent notes of lavender, ginger, and peppermint.


For the foodie chef: 

Organic Microgreens Starter Kit. For the home chef who wants to create a true farm to table experience, this indoor microgreens grow kit is a must have. With these 100% organic, non-GMO seeds designed for the indoors, they'll have microgreens to add to smoothies or garnish salads.  



For the one who loves a clean shave: 

Rockwell 2C Safety Razor in Gunmetal Chrome. A customizable, double-edge safety razor that caters to light daily shaving and works well with sensitive skin. A high-quality razor is a must in almost anyone's everyday routine. This loved razor will improve your skin, stop plastic waste, and help save on shaving.



For the yogi (or the one who wants to start doing yoga): 

Hemp-Jute Yoga Mat. Finally a cute yoga mat that's also eco-friendly. With a top layer made of an all-natural blend of jute and hemp fibers, this 6mm mat is  durable, lightweight, and moisture absorbing, making it comfortable for even your sweatiest hot-yoga sessions. Non-slip, non-toxic, latex- and silicone free. 



For the beauty queen:

Grantas Lip+Cheek Stick. One product, plenty of uses: be it as lipstick, or a pop of color on your cheeks, or even eyeshadow! — these versatile stains from Grantas Cosmetics are blendable and buildable. All-natural. Clean. Vegan. Cruelty-free.



Wishing you and your loved ones a happy holidays!

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